DAN’S LAST EVER UH Weekly WoW positions released for 01/12/16!!!


Dear Warriors,

Which of the University’s 10 Schools produces the most analytical, brave, persuasive, intelligent Warriors???

To discover the answer to this question, I am delighted to release the WoW positions  – for all students across the university – for THURSDAY 1st DECEMBER, to be held in N001 on DeHavilland campus at 6pm.

If you would like to defend any of these positions, please simply state ‘I volunteer’ – providing your full name, and name of your School – using the comments box below, and I will pick four names randomly and assign them a position:

1. That fast food should be banned

2. That leadership cannot be taught

3. That credit cards do more harm than good

4. That lawyers are overpaid

5. That … (Please comment below with your position suggestions, and I will randomly pick one to argue next week) – Dr Dan Berger

You will need to consider the position, research it carefully and then defend it for one minute – then be subjected to questions from the audience.

You will be marked on three criteria: (i) content – what you say initially, and in response to questions; (b) presentation – how you say it, and how well you controlled the crowd; and (c) popularity – the public vote. The judge’s decision is final – and I will be your judge! N.B. If you volunteer, then you MUST attend and participate – no ‘cold feet’.

See you on the 1st!


21 thoughts on “DAN’S LAST EVER UH Weekly WoW positions released for 01/12/16!!!

  1. Hi Dan, typical that I just discover WoW as you announce that you are leaving! Thoroughly enjoyed my first visit last night. I would like you to defend:

    That 90% of the courses offered by universities are a waste of time and that students would be better getting a job.

  2. Hi Dan for number five is our socity a democratic ideology of a hybrid of facitist dictatorship with the enactment of human right an use of prime minister

  3. Topic: that due to the rise of unarmed black men being shot dead in america, white cops shouldn’t be allowed to shoot black people.

  4. I volunteer and also Hitler was a great leader and should have won the war or Genghis Khan saved Christianity or Dan Berger doesn’t pick the wow positions at Random or the Roman Empire paved the way for the U.S cheers!!!

  5. I volunteer…

    Position suggestion: that with all the blessings showered upon us (Health, Wealth, Family & Friends etc…) by The one and only Lord, to us all one way or another, surely indicate and prove that God exists, existed and will always remain in his existence until the day of judgement, That’s a Fact with No Doubt!

  6. Position suggestion: Democracy is a dictatorship in disguise. Muslims are the ‘new jews’ of Europe. Britain does owe reparation.Lastly, just to make it easy for you, “Mariam Bafo has always been my favourite student.” It’s not going to be the same without you.

  7. I hope it’s alright for me to leave several suggestions:
    -that Trump’s presidency will bring about the end of American civillisation
    -that people who can’t take care of themselves should be prevented from getting married
    -that meninists should be taken as seriously as feminists
    -that the age of consent should be reduced to 13/14
    -that the age of consent should be increased to 23
    -that every family should only be allowed one child by law because of overpopulation
    -that it is already post rapture and we are all living in the end times
    -that children should have the right to change their names any time after they are born
    -that people who believe that reality is an illusion cannot be taken seriously
    -that global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese
    -that from this day forth nobody should be allowed to be named Dan or any of its variants
    Terribly sorry for the long comment.

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