Dear Warriors,

You are invited to come, watch and question the five candidates of the week who have been selected, at random, to attempt to defend the following positions on Thursday 24th November at 6pm in the Weston Auditorium on DeHavilland campus:

1. That feminists have killed ‘gentlemanly’ behaviour – James Cantwell

2. That I would never belong to a trade unionNiki Ioannou

3. That positive discrimination should be allowed and encouragedJudith Bahati

4. That humans should not own petsDaniel Olayiwola

5. That I would rather my partner was physically unfaithful with someone else but thinking of me, than physically with me but thinking of someone elseFavour Ilori

N.B. Candidates are picked entirely at random: (i) Candidates are assigned positions completely randomly – not on a first-come-first-served basis; (ii) If you have requested to participate and were not picked, please apply for MY LAST EVER UH WoW taking place on Thursday 1st December – positions will be advertised a few days prior, as usual.

See you Thursday!


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