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Welcome to UH War of Words!!!

Dear Candidates,

Apart from our UH SCHOOLS’ WoW PROGRAMME (Click here for further details on that), the University of Hertfordshire is proud to announce a brand new project School of Law students for academic year 2014-15: ‘The Weekly War of Words’!

Held every Thursday at 6-7pm in the School of Law Courtroom, students gather to bring down that week’s candidate.

The candidate will be pre-warned of a ‘position’ (normally based on a controversial topic), placed onto this website, which they must defend in front of the baying crowd – who will, no doubt, be well prepared too.

Word Wars will be chaired and refereed by UH’s very own ‘Mr Mootivator’ Dan Berger, to ensure that the fight is fair.

After their 1 minute position defence, the candidate will be subjected to question attacks from the crowd to test their resolve and verbal fighting skills. The candidate will then either be crowned a ‘Word Warrior’, or they will leave the arena, tail between legs, to fight another day…

Every week will see a number of positions and a number of candidates. Candidates can defend positions as many times as they like duringĀ  the academic year (subject to availability), and at the end of the year, the ‘Year’s Word Warrior’ will be crowned.

Of course, there will be the Thursday Law Social at Club DeHavilland held from 7pm onwards, to discuss the evening’s events.

At Christmas, a special War of Words event will be planned, with candidates uploading their position defence to Youtube for the crowd to rate. The leading 10 candidates will then be invited to a live final with a panel of judges… and that baying crowd too, of course.

Looking forward to Warring with you soon,