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And the 2015-16 WoW winner is…

Brandon Toh Kah Meng!!!

A fantastic effort to beat the crowd and the other six finalist Candidates, to be crowned Word Warrior of the Year with the position: ‘That Britain should return the Elgin Marbles to Greece’. Here is Brandon picking up his award from Professor Charles Wild:

wow pic

Highly Commended were:

Mariam Bafo, Asher Kodjo-Soroh and Mark Johnson. Well done guys.

And our judge of the year, Rahma Sheikh, who was brilliant, vociferous, insightful, and ocassionally inciteful(!), all year. Here is Rahma picking up her award:


Highly Commended were:

Xinia James, Travis Taylor and Sam Yeates. Great job.

And that brings to an end another fantastic year of WoW. It has been a brilliant year, with over 3000 attendances from students across all of the University’s ten Schools. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.

See you in September for the start of another academic year of WoW!



Dear Warriors,


After a tense and exciting semi-final round, you are invited to come, watch and question the  seven FINALIST candidates who have been selected to attempt to defend the following positions on Thursday 21st April at 5.30pm (NOT 6PM) in The Comet Room, Club DeHavilland:

1. That overweight children should have separate physical education to the rest of their class – Mark Johnson

2. That breastfeeding in public is unacceptable – Jesse Bunton-Cole

3. That paying disability benefits does more harm than good to society – Elizabeth Sangobiyi

4. That we should get rid of the jury system in favour of trained judges – Asher Kodjo-Soroh

5. That shops and businesses should be shut all-day on Sundays – Anisha Kiri

6. That Britain should return the Elgin Marbles to Greece – Brandon Toh

7. That nothing can ever be proved 100% – Mariam Bafo

Straight after the final will be the awards ceremony, with a fully-catered reception, wine and live music. Don’t miss it!

See you then,



Dear Warriors,

You are invited to come, watch and question the five candidates who have been selected, at random, to attempt to defend the following positions on Monday 11th April at 5pm in the Courtroom in the Law Building on DeHavilland campus:

1. That government surveillance reduces terrorism – STILL AVAILABLE – PLEASE VOLUNTEER

2. That individuals do not ‘own’ their internet identity – Martina Gillen

3. That online piracy is killing the music industry – Mark Leiser

4. That there is no such thing as ‘teaching excellence’ – Paul Bernal

5. That China is correct in banning Western social media platforms – Edina Harbinja

N.B. Candidates are picked entirely at random: Candidates are assigned positions completely randomly – not on a first-come-first-served basis.

See you Monday!