Winners from the SPECIAL VICE-CHANCELLOR’S WoW on 24/11/16

Dear Warriors,

Our Candidates were amazing this week, with all five (including our very own Vice-Chancellor!!!) winning, on the following topics:

That some religious food laws are barbaric and should be banned – Caterina A. Valenzuela (Student – Physics, Astronomy and Maths)

That the USA is in better shape than ever before – Sasha Hoey (Student – Journalism and Law)

That student attendance of classes on UH undergraduate degree programmes should be mandatory – Professor Quintin McKellar (Vice-Chancellor)

That society’s views on beauty are flawed and dangerous – Anthonia Offiah (Office of the Dean of Students)

That families should be restricted to two children – Edina Harbinja (Senior Lecturer – Law, Criminology and Political Science)

Here are some pics of the night:

See you on Thursday 1st December at 6pm in N001 for MY LAST EVER UH WoW!


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