Weekly WoW positions released for 24/11/16!!!

Dear Warriors,

Which of the University’s 10 Schools produces the most analytical, brave, persuasive, intelligent Warriors???

To discover the answer to this question, I am delighted to release the WoW positions  – for all students across the university – for THURSDAY 24th NOVEMBER, to be held in the  Weston Auditorium on DeHavilland campus at 6pm.

If you would like to defend any of these positions, please simply state ‘I volunteer’ – providing your full name, and name of your School – using the comments box below, and I will pick five names randomly and assign them a position:

1. That feminists have killed ‘gentlemanly’ behaviour

2. That I would never belong to a trade union

3. That positive discrimination should be allowed and encouraged

4. That humans should not own pets

5. That I would rather my partner was physically unfaithful with someone else but thinking of me, than physically with me but thinking of someone else

You will need to consider the position, research it carefully and then defend it for one minute – then be subjected to questions from the audience.

You will be marked on three criteria: (i) content – what you say initially, and in response to questions; (b) presentation – how you say it, and how well you controlled the crowd; and (c) popularity – the public vote. The judge’s decision is final – and I will be your judge! N.B. If you volunteer, then you MUST attend and participate – no ‘cold feet’.

See you on the 24th!



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