Winners from the WoW on 10/11/16

Dear Warriors,

Our Candidates smashed it this week, with all five winning, on the following topics:

That no-one should be charged with any criminal offence alleged to have been committed more than ten years ago – James Cantwell

That hosting the Olympic Games is a waste of resources – Nehal Mangrio

That human-made climate change is unprovable – Asher Kodjo-Soroh

That the High Court ruling in Miller v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union [2016], concerning Art 50 and ‘Brexit’, is a good day for democracy – Otu Ibe-Enwo

That Saddam Hussein should never have been deposed from his Iraqi presidency, let alone executed – Mariam Bafo

…and our ‘Judge of the Day’ – Caterina Valenzuela, who will be arguing a WoW position on 17th Nov (no pressure, Cat).

See you on Thursday 17th November at 6pm in the Weston Auditorium for the next (special Vice-Chancellor’s) WoW!



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