Dear Warriors,


After a tense and exciting semi-final round, you are invited to come, watch and question the  seven FINALIST candidates who have been selected to attempt to defend the following positions on Thursday 21st April at 5.30pm (NOT 6PM) in The Comet Room, Club DeHavilland:

1. That overweight children should have separate physical education to the rest of their class – Mark Johnson

2. That breastfeeding in public is unacceptable – Jesse Bunton-Cole

3. That paying disability benefits does more harm than good to society – Elizabeth Sangobiyi

4. That we should get rid of the jury system in favour of trained judges – Asher Kodjo-Soroh

5. That shops and businesses should be shut all-day on Sundays – Anisha Kiri

6. That Britain should return the Elgin Marbles to Greece – Brandon Toh

7. That nothing can ever be proved 100% – Mariam Bafo

Straight after the final will be the awards ceremony, with a fully-catered reception, wine and live music. Don’t miss it!

See you then,


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