Dear Warriors,

You are invited to come, watch and question the second (of two sessions) seven SEMI-FINALIST candidates of the week who have been selected to attempt to defend the following positions on Thursday 17th March at 6pm in N002 (near the entrance to the Weston Auditorium):

1. That politicians have a duty to tell the absolute complete truth at all times – Elizabeth Sangobiyi

2. That the EU is trying to implement a New World Order – Brandon Toh

3. That parents should never kiss their children on the lips – Rayvin Nair

4. That a ‘boom and bust’ economy is an unhealthy one – Jesse Bunton-Cole

5. That stereotyping people saves time and effort – Greta Grochal

6. That Darwin was wrong, evolution is ‘survival of the richest’, not ‘fittest’ – Rayz Khan

7. That full sexual intercourse should only be used for procreation purposes – Asher Kodjo-Soroh

The WoW GRAND FINAL is at 5.30pm (not 6pm) on Thursday 21st April in the Comet Room, ClubDeHavilland.

See you then!


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