Dear Warriors,

You are invited to come, watch and question the six candidates of the week who have been selected, at random, to attempt to defend the following positions at the last WoW in Semester A on Thursday 10th December at 6pm in N003 (the lecture theatre OPPOSITE the Weston Auditorium):

1. That you can’t teach entrepreneurship – Otu Ibe-Enwo

2. That online dating is for losers – Danielle Brown-Cook

3. That birthdays are pointless – Julia Kopp

4. That it is manly to cry – Athbi Al Tahnoon

5. That it pays to lie – Jinoos (Jen) Sotodeh

6. That giving money to beggars is noble – Tapiwa Godland

NB. Candidates are picked entirely at random: (i) Candidates are assigned positions completely randomly – not on a first-come-first-served basis; (ii) If you have requested to participate and were not picked, please apply for the first WoW of Semester B, taking place on Thursday 21st January – positions will be advertised a few days prior, as usual.

See you Thursday!


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