Winners and pics from the WoW on 19/11/15

Dear Warriors,

An interesting and introspective ‘Interfaith Week’ WoW session this week, with four winning Candidates beating the crowd, on the following topics:

1. That spirituality and religion are not the same thing – Greta Grochal

2. That it would be better for the human race if we all adhered to the same faith – Rayz Khan

3. That historical and current human conflicts and tragedies proves that God cannot exist – Ahmad Ali Alshemari

4. That faith and religious beliefs are not a choice, but a compulsion – Angela Johnson

…and our ‘Judge of the Day’ – Esmee (surname please – comment on the blogpost), who came up with some difficult and interesting questions for all of our Candidates.

Here are some photos of the evening:

See you this evening in the Weston Auditorium for the next WoW at 6pm!


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