Monthly Staff WoW for 2015-16!!!

Dear all,

Following the runaway success of last Christmas’s Staff WoW; for this coming academic year, we are launching a new programme, which allows staff members to argue areas of their research/scholarly activity/law expertise in front of an audience of colleagues and students.

The events will take place in the Courtroom at 6pm on the last Wednesday of each calendar month throughout the academic year.

The format will be as for WoW, which means that speakers get a single minute in complete silence to defend their pre-planned and advertised position, before the audience have a chance to rebuff/interject and generally attempt to knock the candidate of their perch.

The idea of the programme is to allow students a chance to hear about their tutors’ research areas, interests and expertise, and gives staff an opportunity to test their theories in the (relative) safety of our own courtroom. Mostly, it is about having fun.

The positions will be advertised here on the WoW blog and staff must confirm attendance by the Monday before each event. There will be six positions available to be defended per event, and the programme is open to all.

I will endeavour to get some catering organised for after each event, and it would not be unreasonable to expect heated discussions to continue afterwards at either Club DeHavilland, or at the Ramada Jarvis hotel bar etc.

The first Monthly Staff WoW will take place on Wednesday October 28th 2015, and I will look for volunteers a week or so prior.


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