26/02/15 UHWoW positions released!!!

Dear Warriors,

I am delighted to release the Weekly WoW positions for THURSDAY 26th FEBRUARY, to be held in the Courtroom at 6pm.

If you would like to defend any of these positions, please volunteer, using the ‘comments’ box below, and I will assign you a position at random (subject to availability):

1. That modern music sucks

2. That gambling should be banned

3. That all police officers should carry guns

4. That homosexual couples should not be allowed to adopt

5. That violent video games and movies incite violence

6. That you should always kiss with your eyes open

You will need to consider the position, research it carefully and then defend it for one minute – then be subjected to questions from the audience. You will be marked on three criteria; (i) content – what you say initially and in response to questions; (b) presentation – how you say it; (c) popularity – the public vote. The judge’s decision is final – and I will be your judge!

As usual, the weekly law social in Club DeHavilland will take place straight afterwards from 7pm onwards.

See you on Thursday!


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