Enter this week’s ‘RJ Special’ UHWoW Candidates!

Dear Warriors,

You are invited to come, watch and question the six candidates of the week who have been selected, at random, to attempt to defend the following positions on Thursday 20th November at 6pm in the Courtroom:

1. That restorative justice allows criminals off the hook – Katie Emms

2. That ‘an eye for an eye’ is the only true restorative justice – Muhammad Ali

3. That calling me a ‘victim’  is actually an insult – Motunrayo

4. Restorative justice? Isn’t the UK criminal justice system soft enough already? – Faisal Ul Din

5. That the only true remorse a criminal ever feels is that of being caught – Mervin Ojukwu

6. That without restorative justice, offenders will never actually understand the impact of their actions – Tayla Robinson

NB. Candidates are picked at random: (i) If a candidate has requested a position that is not available, he/she has been assigned a different position; (ii) If you have requested to participate and were not picked, please apply for the next WoW taking place on Thursday 27th November – positions will be advertised a few days prior, as usual.

Don’t forget that there will be a special drinks reception and the weekly law social at Club DeHavilland straight afterwards at 7pm.

See you Thursday!


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