Second Weekly WoW Positions released!

Dear Warriors,

I am delighted to release the second UHWoW positions for THIS COMING THURSDAY, to be held in the Courtroom at 6pm on 30th October, immediately prior to the School’s Hallowe’en Party ‘Zombie Cheerleaders v Vampire Jocks‘, to be held in the Comet Room in Club DeHavilland from 7pm ’til late.

If you would like to defend any of these positions, please volunteer, using the ‘comments’ box below, and I will assign you a position at random (subject to availability):

1. That zoos are unnatural and should be banned

2. That no-one can ever win a ‘war on terror’

3. That imprisoned convicted criminals should be punished while in prison

4. That there should be no borders and no passports

5. That due to recent rapid technological advancement, human beings are becoming more stupid

6. That people having unnecessary cosmetic surgery causes body issues in other members of society

You will need to consider the position, research it carefully and then defend it for one minute – then be subjected to questions from the audience. You will be marked on three criteria; (i) content – what you say initially and in response to questions; (b) presentation – how you say it; (c) popularity – the public vote. The judge’s decision is final – and I will be your judge!

This week, as mentioned above, the law social in Club DeHavilland will be replaced by our Hallowe’en party from 7pm onwards.

See you on Thursday!


13 thoughts on “Second Weekly WoW Positions released!

  1. hello, I jason Tang, would like to volunteer for the post of 3 (in prison punishment), or 5 (technology makes people more stupid). Thank you. Jason Tang

  2. Hi, I am Amelia, i would like to volunteer for the post of 5 (technology makes people more stupid) or 1( zoo are unnatural and should be banned). Thank You.

  3. To those who requested to participate this week, please check the latest post for the list. For those who didn’t make it, please apply for the next UHWoW taking place on Thursday 13th October – positions will be advertised a few days prior, as usual.


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